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Where to stay: Hotel Services You Can Expect in Yangon, Myanmar​

Incredible temples, charming colonial architecture, and scenic lakes make Myanmar’s largest city and former capital, Yangon, a rewarding place to visit. Those heading to Yangon seemingly have too many areas of the city to choose for accommodation. Each Yangon’s neighborhood offers a very different experience, from increasingly bustling downtown to the fascinating temples found further north.


Accommodation in Myanmar can be made to fit most budgets. All hotels will accept Myanmar kyat (the preferred currency depends on the hotel).


West Yangon is one of the most thriving areas of the city, with museums, markets, pagodas, gardens, and more worth exploring in the area. Eastern Yangon is made up of a plethora of areas to choose from. The travelers who consider themselves culture vultures may want to stay in Botahtaung that will impress even the most avid of designer. Mingala Taungnyunt is probably the most thriving of areas which is where visitors will find the Yangon Central Railway Station, one of the most populated areas of the city.


A mix of colonial buildings, historical sites, and modern development which is located in the south of Yangon – downtown Yangon – is the city’s commercial centre. The downtown area is walkable, with a simple grid street pattern that makes finding buildings and attractions quick and easy. Downtown Yangon is a good choice if you are in Yangon for the first time and want to stay close to the best historical sites but also in a convenient, modern area.


Northern Yangon is a quieter, more peaceful area than downtown. If you want to be closer to Yangon’s top historical attractions, this is where you will want to stay.


Inya Lake is a good place to base yourself during your time in the city if you want to enjoy a quiet side of Yangon that most tourists don’t see.


You will be happy to hear that there are plenty of budget-friendly accommodation options available in the various parts of the city. Budget accommodation may be a simple family-run guest house or small hotel, providing basic rooms and sometimes shared washing facilities. Visitors will have to share a bedroom and bathroom, but having the additional kyat to spend elsewhere is certainly a bonus. It can start from as little as $5 per night, going up to around $40. You may not always find air conditioning, 24-hour electricity, or hot water at the bottom end of the budget level.


Mid-range accommodation occupies the $40 to $120 price range. With this price range, something more spacious accommodation with generally higher standards, and almost always offering services of 24-hour electricity, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, en-suite bathroom, and complimentary breakfast.


Luxury accommodation provides the standard high-end facilities you would expect, usually including 24-hour concierge and room service, international buffet breakfast, gym and swimming pool, spa, laundry, and free internet. It can start at $120 per night and can go up to $400 for high-end hotels in Yangon. You will find true luxury and style with beautifully appointed hotels at the top end.





The location is less than 10-minute drive to 
the Yangon International Airport through a
shortcut bridge. It is also near Aung Mingalar 
highway bus station.


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The location is less than 10-minute drive to 
the Yangon International Airport through

a shortcut bridge. It is also near Aung Mingalar 
highway bus station.