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All Transportation Options Available in Yangon​

Today’s Yangon is easy to go around the city rather than last decades. Many transport options are available and everybody can travel using a Google Map without guide.



Nowadays, public buses are air-conditioned. Most of Myanmar people depend on the bus transport, so the fare is very cheap and it is crowded in rush hour. There are assigned buses running from the airport to downtown (Sule area). If you stay in hotel near Yangon international airport or airport hotel Yangon, you Bcan save the transfer expense to the airport. Bus stops and destinations are not written on the bus in English, but fortunately, you can ask everybody around you. Myanmar people are helpful and can speak basic English mostly.



Yangon circle train system is running from the downtown to Insein, Mingalardon, North Okkalapa townships, then back to the city and also reverses. It takes two to three hours for the full circuit. If you stay in hotels in downtown or in North Okkalapa, train is the better transportation option. It is also crowded in rush hour. However, it is the best chance to meet the locals and the cheapest way to see around Yangon for rural and urban lifestyles.



Taking taxi is the best option for longer distances or if you don’t know which bus number you have to take. It’s the easiest way in today as most taxi drivers can use map very well and can speak English a bit. Everyone can easily book taxi from their hotel in Yangon by using taxi apps from their hand phones. You need not to negotiate for taxi fee. The fee is also fair and no need to wait too long to get one.


Water Bus

Nowadays, you can ride water buses in Yangon. Water buses are running every 20 minutes, between 6am and 6.30pm, with very cheap price. They are running between Botahtaung jetty and Hlaing Thar Yar in the far west of Yangon. This route is designed to reduce the pressure on overloaded bus transportation coming from the outer suburbs. Afternoon is the best time to take water bus and you may definitely enjoy the river ride.



Trishaws, local people called saiq-ka, as in sidecar, can be found mostly around wet markets, near bus stop, and train stations. But, it is a slower transport option and good for a short journey as it depends on the driver’s circling effort. The trishaw passengers have to ride back to back (one facing forward, one backward). If you’re tall or broad, it’s not a comfortable way of travelling although the charges are fair.



For the person who likes walking, Yangon is not so bad. Most hotels are near downtown and you can walk around the area. You can see the culture of locals and enjoy attractive street foods. It is also the best way to avoid traffic congestion. Fortunately, most attractions in Yangon, Shwedagon Pagoda, People Park, etc. are not so far and you can visit by walking.



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The location is less than 10-minute drive to 
the Yangon International Airport through a
shortcut bridge. It is also near Aung Mingalar 
highway bus station.


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The location is less than 10-minute drive to 
the Yangon International Airport through

a shortcut bridge. It is also near Aung Mingalar 
highway bus station.